What is Lortab?

Lortabs are a type of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Contrary to other drugs which might be solely acetaminophen or solely hydrocodone, Lortabs are actually a combination of both acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Both of these drug ingredients are pain relievers. On one hand, hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever which is very potent and effective. On the other hand, acetaminophen is also a pain reliever but it is not as strong. It is still effective at relieving less painful injuries. However, when these two ingredients are combined into Lortabs, they complement each other. The acetaminophen effectively increases the potency of the hydrocodone.

There are numerous Lortab side effects that are important to know for people taking Lortab. Firstly, Lortabs are known to impair a person’s reactions and alertness. Therefore driving should be avoided as well as any other activity that required a high level of alertness. Alcohol should also be completely avoided because it can have a severely damage your liver. Some other Lortab side effects are light-headedness, confusion, seizure, nausea, stomach aches, dizzyness, headaches, vomiting, and dry mouth. Your doctor would be able to tell you the full range of side effects.
It is absolutely necessary that you only take Lortabs if you have been prescribed it by a doctor. It is important to tell your doctor all your medical conditions and he will be able to tell your all the restrictions and limitations. It should only be taken under the close supervision of a doctor.

Why are Lortabs so dangerous compared to other drugs? Hydrocodone is a serious drug and a lot of people are prone to forming habits and addictions to this drug. If you have a history of drug abuse, drug addiction or any other form of serious addiction, you shouldn’t be taking Lortabs and it is important to let your doctor know of your past cases of drug abuse. There are a lot of people who will simply not take the drug in fear that they will become addicted since, as a narcotic, it is a very easy drug to get addicted too.

What are Lortabs?

If you are not sure if you are addicted to Lortabs, there are different signs that may indicate if you are addicted or abusing this drug. Here are a few of the most common signs of Lortab abuse:
• You finish your Lortabs prescriptions faster than you were prescribed by your doctor.
• You visit more than one doctor to get multiple prescriptions of Lortabs.
• You tell your doctor that you lost your prescription or need early prescriptions just so you can get more prescriptions than you should be prescribed.
• You falsely tell your doctor that you cannot take other types of pain medications and that you can only take Lortabs.

With long-term Lortab addictions, there can also be a lot of physical symptoms that are also associated with various other kinds of drug abuse. If you are suffering from a Lortabs addiction, it is important to seek help immediately. Lortab addictions are serious and can be deadly. There are many rehab centers that specialize in helping people recover from their addiction of Lortabs.

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